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Axerra Networks’ Service Convergence Solutions

Axerra Networks is the leading provider of Pseudowire circuit emulation and service emulation solutions over packet access networks. Axerra's solutions utilize patented, standards-compliant, and cutting-edge Pseudo-Wire technology to enable all kinds of service providers to extend IP and legacy data and voice services in native format over Ethernet, IP, and MPLS networks. With Axerra's solutions, service providers can convert any packet access network (Carrier Ethernet, broadband wireless including WiMAX, cable HFC, xDSL, xPON, etc.) into a full-service alternative to TDM access and Layer 2 services such as ATM, HDLC, and Frame Relay. The result is greater operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities, and a smooth migration strategy to a single converged network (without losing any revenue streams from profitable legacy services) as well as short ROI.

Service Convergence for Mobile Backhaul

Following the maturation of voice services, and in order to keep a competitive edge and increase average revenue per user (ARPU), mobile network operators keep launching new services. With the introduction of 3G and the expected higher capacity air interface, new bandwidth-intensive services, such as broadband access and video streaming, will be launched, which will generate a lot more traffic, but not in proportion to the expected increase in revenue. The challenge for the mobile operator is to acquire the needed bandwidth while making the business case for the new services.

Axerra Networks meets the challenge by providing field-proven award-winning solutions for backhaul over packet access networks that enable operators to achieve substantial bandwidth gains while simultaneously slashing recurring costs. Axerra's product family of AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices enable the backhaul of any combination of 2G, 2.5G, and 3G voice and data traffic, including GSM with GPRS, UMTS, and HSxPA, and/or CDMA1x/CDMA2000 with 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO, all over a single packet RAN.

Axerra's solutions feature the only combination of Circuit Emulation Pseudowires, ATM Pseudowires, as well as Frame Relay and HDLC Pseudowires in a single access device and in a carrier-class gateway. The access devices are optimally-sized for BTS and NodeB cell sites and the gateways are optimally-sized for BSC and RNC sites. The multiservice Pseudowire capabilities enable the seamless transition from TDM-based backhaul to packet-based backhaul without changes to the installed RAN equipment, and provide consolidated and groomed interfaces for connections to equipment already installed at the BTS, NodeB, and BSC/RNC. Combined with IP/Ethernet capabilities, the AXN products are ready for future deployments of IP-RAN base stations.

There are two typical deployment scenarios for the Mobile Backhaul application:

1. Mobile Service Provider Packet Service Access

MSP = Mobile Service Provider

In this deployment scenario, both the AXN Pseudowire Gateway and Access Devices are owned by the MSP (Mobile Service Provider) and are used in order to address E1/T1 scalability issues, and consequently reduce OpEx (backhaul is a cost driver) with short ROI.

2. Mobile Backhaul Service Delivery

MSP = Mobile Service Provider

In this deployment scenario, both the AXN Pseudowire Gateway and Access Devices are owned by the Cable operator and Wireline/Ethernet provider. This is part of their overall strategy where backhauling is a revenue driver and in order to increase revenues, they offer competitive E1/T1 leased-line service for mobile backhaul.

Business Service Delivery

With Axerra's award-winning Pseudowire solutions for service delivery, Ethernet services providers and cable MSOs can offer a full portfolio of commercial services to businesses, thereby enriching their service offering portfolio and thus, significantly expanding revenue potential. In addition to new IP-based voice and data services, Axerra's Pseudowire solutions enable lower-cost packet-based networks to be used as an alternative to TDM access, providing circuit emulation and service emulation capabilities that enable service providers to offer the traditional T1/E1 voice and data services that business customers depend on.

Axerra's AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices have proven compatibility with TDM, FR, ATM, and IP protocols for support of any type of business service. Axerra's Pseudowire solutions enable operators to leverage strategic investments in a new packet infrastructure while simultaneously supporting traditional high-margin services.

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Technology Overview

Pseudowires (PWs) enable providers to roll out a full complement of both emerging and legacy services from their Ethernet, IP and MPLS networks.