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The Family of AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices™

Innovative Solutions for Mobile Backhaul and Business Service Delivery

Axerra Networks pioneered the concept of Pseudowires with multiservice over packet (MSoP) technology that enables service convergence and is implemented by Axerra's family of AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices™. Axerra's powerful, patented, standards-compliant Pseudowire technology enables all kinds of service providers to convert any packet access network (Carrier Ethernet, broadband wireless access including WiMAX, cable HFC, xDSL, xPON, etc.) into a full-service alternative to TDM access and Layer 2 services such as ATM, HDLC, and Frame Relay.

Axerra's Pseudowire solutions provide significant benefits when deployed for mobile backhaul and business service delivery. Mobile operators can select ANY high-quality packet access network technology or service for the transport of all generations of wireless voice and data traffic. Service providers with Carrier Ethernet, xDSL, WiMAX, xPON, and cable HFC networks can offer businesses a full-service portfolio of IP and Ethernet services as well as the legacy services businesses depend on. For more details on the benefits of Pseudowires for Mobile Backhaul and Business Service Delivery, click here.

Key Features of Axerra's Pseudo-Wire Solutions

Axerra's family of AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices enable the most comprehensive set of IETF PWE3-compliant Pseudowire capabilities in the industry, including T1/E1 CESoPSN/SAToP, ATM, HDLC, and FR. They also provide service interworking over the widest range of transport technologies, such as Ethernet, MPLS, cable HFC, WiMAX, xDSL, EPON/GPON, copper, and more. Axerra's solutions enable the backhaul of all generations of voice and data (GSM, UMTS, CDMAOne, CDMA2000, and HSDPA, as well as WiMAX, WiFi, and fixed-line services) from within a single device. In addition, only Axerra's solutions support the robust UMTS clocking requirements through the use of HPCR® (High Precision Clock Recovery).

The AXN Pseudo-Wire family is the most scalable solution set available. It features the only combination of ATM Pseudowires, Circuit Emulation Pseudowires, Frame Relay Pseudowires, and HDLC Pseudowires in a single access device as well as in a carrier-class gateway. The flexibility of AXN technology allows network operators to soft-provision any service on any port or logical port, right down to the DS0. For many service providers, this flexibility obviates the need for cross-connect devices in their access networks. In addition, Axerra's solutions integrate easily with existing equipment in all locations.

  • IETF PWE-3-based Pseudowire capabilities including Circuit Emulation Services (CES), ATM, and HDLC
  • Industry-leading CES including enhanced jitter management
  • Seamless interoperability with all major mobile wireless RAN vendors
  • Extensive Ethernet capabilities such as port-based VLAN tagging and switching
  • Advanced QoS mechanisms including multiple prioritized queuing, DiffServ, and Ethernet 802.1Q/P
  • and much more

AXN Family of Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices

Key Benefits of Axerra's Pseudowire Solutions

AXN Pseudowire Gateways utilize a flexible, open archietecture that enables "any service on any port" and eases the migration to next-generation networks. By unifying functionality and eliminating the need for parallel networks as well as external switches, routers, and VoIP gateways, our Pseudowire solutions reduce total operating costs and increase revenue opportunities while at the same time, they provide the following benefits:


  • Preserve native features and signaling across packet networks and meets all clock synchonization requirements
  • Preserve complete transparency to applications and protocols
  • Require no change in customer premise equipment
  • Maintain compatibility with both voice and data applications by preserving time slot alignment
  • Enable scalability to allow smooth expansion
  • Retain the security that businesses depend on
  • Preserve reliability and quality of service (QoS) through ongoing performance monitoring and visibility into traffic statistics
  • Utilize a service that provides a seamless migration path to emerging IP services.

Axerra Networks' family of AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices also utilize AXNVision™, a platform-independent, intelligent software solution with advanced management capabilities.
Originally deployed at aggregation PoPs, our AXN Pseudowire Gateways and Access Devices are now utilized in a variety of network locations, including cell sites/NodesBs and MSCs/RNCs to meet the needs of mobile wireless operators, cable MSOs, competitive service providers, and incumbent carriers.

Key Applications of Axerra's Pseudowire Solutions

  • GSM/UMTS and CDMAOne/CDMA2000 backhaul over packet-based RAN
  • T1/E1 circuit emulation for TDM leased-line replacement
  • PBX-to-PSTN backhaul and PBX-to-PBX (tie-line) connectivity
  • ATM services including ATM IMA
  • HDLC virtual leased lines for X.25/SNA/IPX transport
  • and much more

The Axerra Advantage

  • Pseudowire pioneer, author, and contributor in various related standardization forums
  • Variety of PWE accommodating various network services, applicable to mobile backhaul and business service delivery
  • Pseudowire optimization techniques
  • Proven high-precision clock recovery (HPCR®) mechanism
  • Advanced Ethernet capabilities
  • Wide variety of software-selectable TDM interfaces: T1/E1, T3/E3, OC-3/STM-1
  • Modular and scalable product family
  • Environmentally-hardened

AXN20 Ethernet and Multiservice Pseudowire Platform

AXN1-N Pseudo-Wire Access Device

AXN10-N Pseudo-Wire Access Device

AXN10-G Pseudo-Wire Access Device

AXN1600/800 Pseudo-Wire Gateways

AXN1600/800 System Cards

AXNVision NMS/EMS Overview