Axerra Networks

AXN1600/800 Pseudo-Wire Gateways

Innovative Solutions for Mobile Wireless RAN Backhaul over Carrier Ethernet and IP Access Networks 
Axerra Networks’ AXN1600 and AXN800 Pseudo-Wire Gateways™ are flexible, modular, carrier-class platforms, enabling service providers and operators to convert any packet access network (Carrier Ethernet, broadband wireless including WiMAX, cable HFC, xDSL, xPON, etc.) into a full-service alternative to TDM access and layer-2 services such as ATM, HDLC, and FR. The result is greater operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities, and a smooth migration to a single cost-effective converged network, without losing any revenue streams from profitable legacy services. The benefits of Pseudo-Wire solutions are especially significant when utilized for mobile wireless radio access network (RAN) backhaul and business service delivery applications.

Pseudo-Wire Gateways Enables New Converged Multservice Edge
The AXN1600 and AXN800 are typically deployed as gateways between packet-based access networks and legacy networks such as mobile wireless core networks (GSM, UMTS, and CDMA) carrying TDM, ATM, HDLC, and FR protocols. When deployed at the edge of a a packet-based access network, the AXN1600/AXN800 terminates large concentrations of emulated Pseudo-Wire services such as T1/E1, ATM, and HDLC, remaps them into native service format, and sends them over existing TDM, ATM, HDLC, and FR attached circuits, typically using T1/E1 or OC-3/STM-1 physical interfaces.

Industry-Leading Pseudo-Wire Platforms
The AXN1600 and AXN800 furnish high port density, resiliency, and wire-speed performance. The AxelerateOS™ software, coupled with a modular hardware architecture, results in a very flexible, high-performance architecture that is capable of processing thousands of service flows simultaneously withguaranteed QoS on a per-flow basis. Thus, using a single AXN gateway, a service provider can backhaul both 2G and 3G sites as well as have a future-proof solution to "All-IP."

The AXN1600 and AXN800 Pseudo-Wire Gateways are members of the scalable AXN family of Pseudo-Wire products.


Pseudo-Wire Emulation: A mechanism that emulates the essential attributes of a specific service such as T1/E1 leased line, ATM, or HDLC over a Packet-Switched Network
AXN1600E, AXN1600N,
and AXN800    



  • Seamless interoperability with all major mobile wireless RAN vendors
  • Most comprehensive set of IETF PWE3-compliant Pseudo-Wire capabilities including T1/E1 CESoPSN/SAToP, ATM, HDLC, and FR
  • Broad range of channelized (DS0) and unchannelized TDM interfaces
  • "Telco-grade" carrier-class availability through a complete set of redundancy capabilities
  • Advanced QoS mechanisms, including multiple prioritized queuing, DiffServ, and 802.1Q/P CoS on a per-service flow basis
  • Advanced management capabilities through Axerra’s CLI and AXNVision™ NMS/EMS


  • GSM/UMTS and CDMA/CDMA2000 RAN backhaul

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