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March 26, 2007


-- Designed Specifically for Mobile Wireless Backhaul
Cell Site COnnectivity Applications--

Boston, MA – March 26, 2007 – Axerra Networks, “The Pseudo-Wire Company®” and the leading provider of circuit emulation and service emulation solutions, today announced the availability of the AXN10-8NR Pseudo-Wire Access Device™. The AXN10-8NR extends Axerra’s award-winning family of AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices with a solution that is designed specifically for mobile wireless backhaul cell site connectivity applications. Along with capabilities that enable operators to meet the growing traffic requirements for the backhaul of voice and data services, including EV-DO and HSDPA, in packet-based radio access networks (RAN), the AXN10-8NR features removable, field upgradeable and reparable power supplies and spans a wide range of operating temperatures. These important new features further decrease the OpEx associated with backhaul while increasing system availability.

The AXN10-8NR is an important addition to Axerra’s family of scalable Pseudo-Wire solutions which encompass both small, low-cost access solutions and redundant, high-density, carrier-class solutions for backhaul over packet networks.

“The capabilities of the AXN10-8NR offer operators an even greater opportunity to significantly reduce recurring backhaul costs which are indisputably the single biggest expense for mobile wireless operators,” said Haim Volinsky, VP Marketing at Axerra Networks. “The redundant, field replaceable power supplies as well as the wide range of operating temperatures of the AXN10-8NR enhance the overall effectiveness of this Pseudo-Wire access device.”

With Axerra’s family of AXN Pseudo-Wire solutions, mobile wireless operators can select ANY high-quality packet access network technology or service, such as Carrier Ethernet, xDSL, PON, cable HFC, WiMAX, etc.) for base station connectivity. The AXN10-8NR combines ATM with IMA, circuit emulation, Frame Relay/HDLC/PPP, and Ethernet Pseudo-Wires in a single access device. It provides up to eight T1/E1 interfaces for connections to equipment already installed at the BTS and NodeB cell site, each soft-configurable for the type of Pseudo-Wire service required. It also furnishes Ethernet Pseudo-Wire services and four Ethernet ports for connections to new generations of cell-site equipment, aggregating the full range of existing and projected services for backhaul over a unified, packet-optimized RAN. Just as importantly, the AXN10-8NR features Axerra’s state-of-the art, high precision clock recovery mechanism, which meets one of the most demanding and critical requirements of voice and data backhaul over packet access networks.

By enabling packet access networks to backhaul ALL generations of mobile wireless traffic, including CDMA2000, EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, and UMTS, the AXN10-8NR also enables operators to leverage pricing from multiple backhaul providers. Additionally, alternative access providers, such as MSOs, can compete with ILECs for mobile wireless backhaul revenue.

Recently, and for the second year in a row, Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions were named as “commended” finalists in the GSM Association Global Mobile Awards for “best radio access product or service.”

The new AXN10-8NR and Axerra Networks’ complete range of award-winning Pseudo-Wire solutions are being showcased at CTIA WIRELESS 2007 March 27-29, in Orlando at Axerra’s booth #2055.

About Axerra Networks, Inc.

Axerra Networks, “The Pseudo-Wire Company®”, is the leading provider of circuit emulation and service emulation solutions over packet access networks. Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions enable mobile wireless operators, cable MSOs, competitive service providers, and incumbent carriers to extend IP + legacy voice and data services in native format over Ethernet, IP, and MPLS networks. The result is greater operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities, and a smooth migration strategy to a single converged network, without stranding any revenue streams from profitable legacy services. With Axerra’s Pseudo-Wire solutions, service providers can convert any packet access network (Carrier Ethernet, broadband wireless including WiMAX, cable HFC, xDSL, PON, etc.) into a full-service alternative to TDM access. For more information, please visit:


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