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July 2010
BGR Magazine

"For Operators, Cellular Backhaul is a Beautiful Thing"

BGR (Broadband Gear Report) Magazine explains why cellular backhaul - although not sexy - is cable's next big thing.

May 2008
AGL Magazine

"Product Showcase - Backhaul"

AGL (Above Ground Level) Magazine published Axerra's award-winning Pseudo-Wire solutions for mobile backhaul in the Product Showcase section.

November 1, 2006
Merrill Lynch Industry Overview report

"Pseudowires: Disruptive Technology for Wireless Backhaul"

By Tal Liani
Research Analyst
Merrill Lynch

“Pseudo-Wire Emulation (PWE) is an exciting disruptive, Ethernet-based technology being actively considered by carriers as a lower-cost alternative to conventional solutions,” states Tal Liani, Research Analyst at Merrill Lynch. “Pseudo-Wires are based on Ethernet, which is more efficient for bursty data traffic transport. Moreover, from a cost point of view, PWE technology scales well, with price per megabit declining substantially as the bandwidth increases.”

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October 2006 - ANNUAL ISSUE
Communications Today article

"Enhancing Profitability: Pseudo-Wire Solutions offer Mobile Wireless Operators a Cost-Effective Alternative to TDM Access that can Enhance Profitability"

By Gil Itkin
VP Sales - APAC
Axerra Networks

Reducing costs and leveraging existing infrastructure are essential to maximizing ROI and enhancing profitability for mobile wireless operators. Pseudo-Wire technology makes this possible.

February13, 2006
Converge Digest article

"Using Pseudo-Wires for Mobile Wireless Backhaul over Carrier Ethernet "

By Steve Byars
VP Marketing
Axerra Networks

By enabling the backhaul of all generations of voice and data traffic over a single packet-based RAN, a Pseudo-Wire solution offers mobile wireless operators a full-service alternative to TDM access and a means to substantially reduce backhaul expenses and enhance profitability.

August 1, 2005
Telecommunications Magazine article

"Following Providers' Money Trail"

By Bob Wallace and Jim Barthold

This article describes the uptick in service provider spending, particularly on pseudowires. "And when it comes to supporting every access type, including Ethernet, over any network core, carriers are spending big on pseudowire technology" with Axerra Networks mentioned as a prime beneficiary.

July 07, 2005
Light Reading article

"Pseudowires - Introduction"

By Tim Hill

This extensive article covers Pseudowire Basics, Pseudowire Evolution, and Pseudowire Applications.

Axerra Networks' Pseudo-Wire solutions are included in the article as well as quotes from our VP Marketing and diagrams from our presentations.

January 2005
Heavy Reading Report - Executive Summary

"Pseudowires and Future of Transport and Access Networks"

By Scott Clavenna

In this comprehensive research report, pseudowire technology is described as "THE solution for convergence in future telecommunications networks."

The report assesses the impact that Pseudo-Wires will have on telecom networks and includes information about Axerra Networks and our Pseudo-Wire technology.

June 7, 2005
Supercomm2005 Daily News

"Pseudo-Wires enable the "Integrated Access Ethernet"

By Joe Ashton
VP Sales - Americas
Axerra Networks

August 2004

Telecommunications Magazine
Cover Story

"Living on the Edge" --
Multiservice edge devices are all the rage again --
and this time carriers are serious.

by Jim Barthold

Read this article that features a quote about pseudo-wire technology from Axerra Networks' VP Marketing.

June 21, 2004
Supercomm2004 Daily News -
Exhibitor Perspectives :

"Multiservice over Packet (MSoP)
in the Radio Access Network:
A Customer's Perspective"

By Denis Bambury
VP Sales - EMEA
Axerra Networks


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June 21, 2004
Supercomm2004 Daily News -
Exhibitor Perspectives :

"Multiservice over Packet (MSoP) Cable:
New Market Opportunities for Cable MSOs"

By Steve Byars
VP Marketing
Axerra Networks

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